Besides being a Hrdf approved training provider, Edinburghpro provide Consultancy and Manpower Services, Scope work included

Consultation usually cover Best Practices, Industry Standards Guideline, Studies and Operation 1 stop centre Integrated Services Management.
  1. Log Interpretation; Cased Hole & Open Hole Log Software and Log Analysis Services.
  2. Plug & Abandonment consultancy & expertise.
  3. Well Integrity consultancy & expertise.
  4. Sand Control Solutions consultancy.
  5. Brownfield/ Idle Well Rejuvenation consultancy & expertise.


Petroleum Engineers

We took C.T Training as we were in the midst of developing a job program for next campaign.Never before, we have been so excited about, or taken training which I have used to this extent. Daily. Hourly!

After listening to the experienced trainer,we had revamped almost entire program.

Director of local services provider

We had 1 bespoke efficiency & Effective OnG management  Training which turn out to be a total eye opener. We have used the knowledge and techniques not only as a director, but also as an officer and even on my days off.